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What's new in UTS NET 6


Increase of reliability

The amount of SITA interfaces for access to Gabriel system has increased in the UTS NET 6 servers.  It means that the UTS Access 6 can work through  UTS NET 6 servers and through full set of SITA interfaces for each of UTS NET 6 server. Now the UTS NET 6 server has access to following SITA interfaces

  • INT1 (Infoconnect)

  • Rendezvous  (Liaison) 

  • TP0

In failure case, UTS Access 6 users can restart sessions through any working of SITA interface and any working of UTS NET 6 server.

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The traffic  and response time

UTS Access 6/UTS NET Server 6 uses new compression data algorithm. It has allowed to lower common network traffic and to lower response time in comparison with UTS NET ver 5.

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Restart session by automatically

In failure case, the user of UTS Access 6 can  select:

  • any UTS NET 6 server (Host 1 ... Host NN)

  • any SITA interface for access to Gabriel (INT1, Rendezvous, TP0)

In this case all open sessions will be restarted by automatically.

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Forms and formatted screens

UTS └ccess 6/UTS NET server 6 supports full functional set of SITA protocols (INT1, TP0, Rendezvous). Therefore, all Gabriel screens with the protected fields and formatted screens used by airlines for editing of the configuration data (for example response on the AGNT, OLM and so on command) are displayed correctly. Default color scheme for protected fields can be changed in options of UTS Access 6. 

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Safe storage and updating of SITA PASSWORD

SITA has entered the new procedure of SITA PASSWORD updating. Old passwords must be updated before 09 NOV 2003 and should be changed through everyone 120 days after this date.

In this case there was a problem of safe storage and safe replacement of  SITA password. It is known, that incorrect or erroneous actions of separate users, which works with terminal emulators with direct connection to SITA (Liaison, InfoConnect and others) - can block work for all agency or even several agencies. If each user has an opportunity to change the password of agency (SITA Password) at own discretion and at any time, then after password updating - other users simply can not begin a work with Gabriel system.


In the UTS NET 6 versions only the administrator of agency or airline can update SITA PASSWORD.  This administrator is owner of SITA USER ID.


Only the  SITA USER ID  owner can to update given to him from airline the SITA Password and only for this SITA USER ID. For this purpose, in UTS NET 6 automatic procedure of updating of the SITA PASSWORD is developed. All necessary checks before replacement of the password are carried out automatically. 

The user or the subagent in the UTS NET 6  does not know real SITA USER ID/SITA Password. It is not necessary for him for the beginning of work in UTS Access 6. Therefore, the user has no an opportunity to change the  SITA Password as this user never receives prompt ENTER USERID/PASSWORD from SITA for password updating. 

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Full PCPCM protocol support

UTS Access 6 supports full specification of PCPCM protocol. The creation of child session for PCPCM PID is allowed. The TKT session type is converted to PCPCM type by automatically at migration from UTS Access 5 to UTS Access 6. This session type can be used as universal PID: terminal + message printer + ticketing printer. In the near future the UTS Access will support ATB2 and others printers.

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Back up and restore configuration data

The Save/Restore page is added in the menu File - > Options. This page is used for back up and restore UTS Access 6 configuration data (Log, Messages, Tickets masks and so on).

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Proxy configuration 

The IP address and IP port for proxy server can be set from File -> Options -> Sessions -  Proxy button Settings. It is necessary for access to UTS NET Server (Host) from local network through proxy server software.

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Interface changes

In main menu of UTS Access program, the submenu  " Sessions" is added. This sub menu contains full list of configured sessions. For session starting - select session (PID) number from this submenu.

The list of printed tickets (File -> Auto-Ticket & Blanks) is sorted by sale date in the decreasing order.

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